Room on the broom – Outdoor learning day

This week our story of the week was ‘The Room on the broom’. The magical theme of the story gave the children a chance to create magic potions, wands and hats.  As the characters all join the witch in order, it was a perfect chance to also a perfect opportunity to explore ordinal numbers such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Thursday was ‘Outdoor learning day’. In the nursery, we feel outdoor learning is vitally important. This is why we consider the garden to be more than just somewhere to ‘play’, but an extension of the classroom where learning can take many forms including learning through play.


In preparation for the transition into reception, some of our children will make this September we have begun to make short ‘Stay and play’ visits. the first was this week and the children really enjoyed exploring the new space and seeing some old friends who were in the nursery last year.


Healthy Eating Week

This week has been ‘Healthy Eating Week’.

During our circle-times, we have explored different types of vegetables. It was fun to feel the different textures, explore the shape and smell of the vegetables and use knives to cut and chop.


We used potatoes to print patterns.


We revisited 1more and 1less, using 1:1 correspondence by counting apples and some of us used the dough to investigate number problems of their own.


The children played healthy eating games such as lotto and with Rodney the Robot, who helped us sort foods into healthy and unhealthy. When we had fed him enough healthy food we were happy to see his batteries were recharged!


The potato experiment helped us to look at the dangers of eating too much salt in our diet. We placed half a potato in two bowls full of water. To one we added lots of salt, the other we kept natural with just plain water. After just one day the one in salty water began to turn black. By the end of the week, it was shrivelled and looked most unhealthy next to the one which had been in clean water. This potato still looked crisp and healthy and this made us think about the effect of adding too much salt to our food.


As being healthy is not just about what you eat but how you use your body we have all enjoyed getting lots of exercise in the garden.

As well as making a delicious fruit salad, we have all been enjoying a range of healthy snacks. We all feel much better after our super healthy week.



Apologies to all for the lack of a blog last week. This was due to issues uploading pictures.

We have however been very busy in the nursery . Our topic last week was space and we explored it in many ways.

Using balloons and paper mache we created the planets of the solar system. Some of us already knew the name of some of them, but we all enjoyed learning the names of others and their order and we also discussed the effects of gravity.

             We splattered paint to represent the stars on our background

We designed and made space shuttles. Some of us thought we would like to go the moon, others thought mars would be fun to visit.

Some children preferred to use stickle bricks and magnetic shapes to make rockets. We all agreed if we went into space we would need to wear a helmet and space suit with someone noting “You would need a helmet so you could breathe, cos there is no air in space”.

As well as using the outdoor house as a space station, large boxes made great rockets!

Making space books was a great way to record some of the things we had learnt about space and gave us an opportunity to practice our mark making skills.

If you have the chance please come and have a look at our space display in the classroom.

This week as it is ‘Healthy Eating Week’ we will be making a yummy fruit salad, learning about foods which are healthy or not healthy and using natural objects to explore 1more-1less.

Please remember that Thursday 13th June is the school barbeque. It is always a fun event and tickets are available from the school office.

Lastly, at the end of the last half term, we said a sad goodbye to Miss Becky. Miss Becky has been an amazing key worker and member of our team and she will be greatly missed. Luckily she has agreed to some holiday cover over the summer before she begins her teacher training at a school nearer her home so if you attend over the summer you may still see her.

We would like to thank Becky for all her hard work over her years here and wish her every success for the future.



Walking through the jungle

This week our topic has been jungle animals. This linked to our story of the week, ‘Walking through the jungle’.

We have also been exploring capacity with different materials including:



Seeds and beans

While transporting our bricks from one part of the playground to another, it was clear to see how we used this understanding. We noted how many more bricks we needed to fill the containers and that if we filled the containers too much they fell.

On Wednesday we had a visit from our volunteer ‘Gardening Grannies’. We really enjoyed tending the garden with them. We weeded, turned the soil and planted some flowers this week.

The garden is a wonderful space to explore, we found a snail and enjoyed having a close look at its shell and the way it moved. We gave it some of the tender lettuce leaves from the garden to munch then set it down in a nice cool shady area. This prompted lots of discussion around taking care of living things and being kind to each other.

The snail was not the only one tasting and trying out new flavours. We tasted lots of different fruits and vegetables. We decided if the were ‘Sweet or Sour ‘ and which ones we liked the best.

On the interactive white board we explored colour and mixing, creating some beautiful designs.

Next week is the last week before half term and our topic will be monsters! We will write monster menus, count monster snacks and maybe even design some monsters of our own.


The Tiger who came to tea

This week our story has been an old favourite, The Tiger who came to tea. After enjoying the story we decided to find out some facts about tigers. We found out that they can jump really high, up to fifteen metres. They live in dens and they are excellent swimmers.

The home corner was a great place to make a cafe and explore money.

We followed the theme of the story to make shopping lists for tea, invitations and books containing our tiger facts.

The sharp showers and heavy rain were fantastic for exploring muddy puddles. As we have lots of all-weather clothing we were free to splash as much as we wanted.

Opportunities to read and write are present throughout the day and in all areas of the nursery.

This week we found our first crop of peas ready to eat in the garden, they tasted delicious and sweet.

Next week we will continue the jungle theme with the story ‘Walking in the jungle’.

We will also be using water, cornmeal and other materials to explore ‘Capacity’.

Dinosaurs wk 2

This week we have continued to explore the topic of dinosaurs. We made some dinosaur information books to record some of the things we have discovered about them including, Some of them ate meat were called carnivores, while others ate leaves and vegetation. These were known as herbivores.

We measured our feet against a giant dinosaur footprint and it took 18 of our feet to fill the space!

We were so interested in the dinosaur footprint we thought we would make some of our own. After removing our shoes and socks we placed our feet in trays of different coloured paint. It felt “Cold” “Squishy” and “Slippy”. Then we walked across a long piece of paper to make some colourful footprints. Our feet were all different sizes and we compared them to see who had the largest. Taking off and putting on our shoes and socks was good practice for when we go to reception where we will all need to do this for ourselves. Why not practice at home?


Dinosaur bones were also used to explore shape, space and measure.

Magnetic shapes were used to create some great dinosaurs. We made “A T-Rex” And “A Stegosaurus”. Once we had made dinosaurs we then made lots of other pictures with the shapes.

Can we pass on a huge thank you to all the parents and carers who are ensuring their children are regularly bringing in their book bags. It is making such a difference to the children’s enthusiasm for reading and is once again good practice for reception.

We would also remind you of an event in the bottom hall of the school on Tuesday 21st May between 3:30-4pm which is part of the ‘Readathon’. The event raises money for books and storytellers in 100,000 hospitals across the UK. Children bring unwanted books, in good condition to donate. For every book donated they will receive a token which they will use to exchange for a book at the swap. Please have a rummage and see if there are any books you would like to swap, and this year parents are welcome to swap too!

Other dates for the diary:

Monday 20th may – Class photo

27th – 31st May Half – term holiday


Dinosaurs wk1

Welcome back to the new term in the nursery. We hope you all enjoyed the break and the amazing Easter sunshine.

At the end of the last term, we said a very sad goodbye to Miss Claire. During her time with us, Miss Claire has been a wonderful member of our team. We hope you will join us in wishing her every success for the future.

Another change in the nursery is the introduction of two more retractable doors. These enable us to be more flexible in our use of space and allow us to create quieter spaces for younger children when needed. If you have any questions about changes in the nursery, please speak to a member of the team who will always be happy to help.

We are all very excited by our topic at the moment which is dinosaurs. As it is such a great topic we will be continuing with it next week too.

On Monday we began to create a volcano. We use papier mache to gradually build up the layers, then after painting it, we erupted it on Friday.

On Monday we also found some strange eggs in the garden. we decided to look after them to see what would hatch from them. We made predictions on what we thought would be in the eggs and took care of them until they did. Some of us thought it may be a “dragon”, others thought it might be a “Baby chick”.  When it hatched we were all very excited to find dinosaur bones. “It’s actually a fossil!” one of the children said “I’ve seen those at the Museum”

Frozen dinosaur eggs in the water tray were also fun to explore, especially as they melted.

Dinosaurs were used to count and add, and we also enjoyed dinosaur small world play.

In the garden, we excavated in sand and oats for dinosaur bones. we gently used brushes to reveal them. Then we used magnifying glasses to inspect them more closely.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to sharing more of our exploration of dinosaurs with you.

Kind regards from the Nursery Team.

Time- Nursery rhymes

This week our focus has been Time, and nursery rhymes. Favourite nursery rhymes were an excellent way to begin to hear a rhyme in text. We extended this by listening to poems, limericks and playing games with words that rhymed. The children particularly enjoyed listening to short poems, why not try reading some over the Easter break?

Making clocks allowed us to introduce ‘O, clock’ and the concept of time. Formation of numbers on the face of our clocks was tricky but some of us are really getting the hang of this and it is an excellent chance to practice these skills.

We also made books about ‘Our day’.  The ordering of the day and what we do at specific times such as when we get up, go to lunch or go to bed helped us see the importance of time and made a real link between time and our everyday life.

In the nursery, mark making happens everywhere especially in the garden where we can use lots of different mediums and techniques. All of these physical movements are just what we need to develop the muscles that will eventually support the fine motors skills we will need to write.

Bubbles, chalk, paint, colour mixing and pattern making are all used to make mark making fun.

Even digging in the garden is an activity which supports essential physical development, and ball games develop hand-eye coordination.

As Easter is approaching we made Easter chicks, Easter nest cakes and baskets and listened to the Easter story.

Over the break please continue to share stories with your child, this simple activity makes a huge difference to your child’s literacy skills, ability to listen and attend and their emotional wellbeing. The obvious love of listening to stories that the children are showing in nursery shows what a great job you are doing already!

Thank you for all the support this term, we look forward to seeing you all at the start of term- Tuesday the 23rd of April.

Happy Easter from all the nursery team.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar wk2

This week we have continued to look at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and this links to our spring topic of new life and growth. The story inspired us to look at the lifecycle of caterpillars and some of us represented the stages of this growth using pasta of different shapes.

We made paper chain caterpillars which were really tricky to manipulate and join together but activities like this support our fine motor development.

With paper coffee filters, paint and water we explored the symmetry we see in butterflies wings, it was exciting to see how the colours blended together to create new colours and patterns.

As we were looking at butterflies we began to investigate symmetry. We will continue this next week and attempt to make some symmetrical patterns of our own.

“My caterpillar has so many legs”

After exploring the lifecycle of a caterpillar we began to look at how we grow and change over time. These are our timelines which show how we develop from babies to adults and the stages involved.

In the garden, we harvested our first crop of kale. Parents who took some home to try reported it tasted delicious! Once the beds were clear we planted the beans and peas that we planted individually during our look at Jack and the Beanstalk. Next time you go through the garden why not have a look?


As the weather has changed we have all enjoyed our wonderful garden in many different ways!

For Mother’s day, we made cards and these beautiful l flowers. We hope you all have a wonderful day however you spend it.

Next week is the last week of term before the Easter break and our topic will be time.

Enjoy the unexpected sunshine!